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1.1994 formally established the company in March; 2.1994 in May the company was identified as "private technology enterprises in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone"; 3.2000 in March produced a series of products certified by CE and CCEE; 4.2000 years June the company successfully passed ISO9000 quality system certification; 5.2002 on September's new high-power lithium power supply of the "Shenzhen High-tech projects that certificate"; 6.2002 10 Yuet Wah Ye brand of charger products were "quality of trust Product Certificate "; 7.2002 injection molding company completed in November and set up education and training center branch; 8.2002 in November to expand the scale of relocation to the Xili Pak Mong; 9.2002 Yu Jianping, general manager in November was awarded the "outstanding private technology entrepreneur in China," the title of vice chairman of China's Executive Forum; 10.2002 in December, the company set up a "Solidarity Fund staff," Mr. Yu Jianping, general manager and president of the pro; 11.2003 years January the company products have been the first "Shenzhen brand" certificate; 12.2003 CQC in April the company to obtain product certification; was named national quality, service integrity demonstration enterprises, the quality of the national industry business model; 13.2004.2 the company was named high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, in April the company was named outstanding private technology enterprises in China; 14.2005 onwards, Hua Ye, energy-saving lighting and city lighting engineering mass production of LED lighting in the constant current power supply, selling products in international markets; in the same year Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce executive director of a unit of China Power Supply Society member. the Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association branch president LED units; 15.2006 year, China began high-power LED semiconductor lighting Ye and road lighting applications in the field of energy research and exploration. company was Business Association as the director unit of Shenzhen City, China Standardization Association position; 16.2007 in March, Hua Ye, and the most sophisticated optical research institutions to achieve "production, learning and research," the joint, co-founded the semiconductor lighting technology and Applied Research Institute; 17.2008 2 years, Jingdezhen City, Yuet Wah Ye Group signed an agreement on the LED lights project; 18.2008 -6 months in February to promote the corporate brand strategy. Has fought all over have participated in the Shenzhen High-Tech Expo, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Fair Consumer Electronics Show, Jiangxi Matchmaking energy technology products; 19.2008 Jingdezhen on June 18 LED lighting industry at both the base project foundation laying ceremony of LED lighting industry base in Jingdezhen construction; 20.2008 in July, Shenzhen Hua Ye Group Company, today announced the formal and lighting companies in the Netherlands LEMNIS strategic cooperation, Hua Ye LEMNIS company will build the world's leading LED packaging technology, LED lighting products to promote Hua Ye Applications with international standards. Hua Ye international strategy is a significant step process.

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