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Shenzhen Union Technology Co., Ltd. is more than ten years of development experience and become focused on supporting high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, with modern plant of 15,000 square meters, staff 600 and realize the product design, mold manufacturing, light packaging, product assembly and testing One-stop service.
COB package source package using the core patents, is recognized worldwide as the best model to ensure that the LED's life.
In the semiconductor lighting technology, the company's core patented COB packages, is considered the best mode, it reduces the heat together the most critical obstacles, but also expanded into the largest possible area of ​​the first heat, and allow the substrate area Cases, without adding a heat sink to achieve to ensure that the LED's life. After years of domestic and foreign market applications tested and proven model of this source package is one of the most reliable way, is listed as the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program), major projects, new material technology, "Semiconductor Lighting Project " The key issues.
We always adhere to the "equal emphasis on innovation and efficiency","quality and total cost of the line"in order to save energy and increase ...

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