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  • желтые страницыназваниеCamda New Energy
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Kangda was founded in 1998, after decades of rapid growth, now has seven wholly-owned subsidiaries, 22 branches, is a "R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and system engineering services" in one, covering industry "Energy, power, environmental protection, energy conservation," the four areas of national high-tech enterprises, the country's new energy industry leading unit, demonstration bases of international scientific cooperation, research cooperation, Guangdong Province Department of demonstration bases. Dedicated to new energy and energy-efficient environmentally friendly technology research and development and industrial development, covering: the use of solar thermal efficiency of industrial technology development; urban or rural organic wastes and methane utilization project in the integrated treatment; industrial waste heat, exhaust gas recycling; "biogas, natural gas, coal bed methane, oil associated gas "and other power generation and engineering applications; and set emission reduction projects that promote the CDM project implementation. Companies adhere to the "innovation eternal, infinite win" concept of development, invest 1.2 billion yuan in building the national New Energy Technology, to introduce or develop a large number of their own high-quality technical personnel; and domestic more than 10 renowned research institutes and universities multilevel and multi-field research cooperation; and 8 first-class foreign new energy technologies, processes and equipment to establish a close cross-border cooperation between groups. Has undertaken two international scientific and technological cooperation projects, four national research projects, five provincial and ministerial key research and major science and technology projects in 863 countries, the application and implementation of new energy sources has been national patent on 53 and 10 products more than the national Torch Program, focusing on new products, high-tech products, provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress award. Anaerobic technology as the core company, launched a system for organic waste research, promote biogas as a link in the recycling economic model, has developed a biogas collection, purification, purification, power generation, the key technology of the entire process, has in the country investment, successful participation in the operation of the gas used in more than 20 biomass projects. System in the promotion of high-performance gas turbine, has won the Spanish high skol, Germany Man, South Korea, Daewoo and other international distributor of leading brands and OEM licensing. Companies in the introduction and assimilation, based on the strict implementation of the unit in accordance with international standards, independent research and production system assembly, and has high-quality pre-sales, service and technical support systems, to ensure that the project pre-assessment, audit, validation, medium-term installation, construction, and subsequent operational management. Solar thermal power company has increased efforts to develop related materials, have been gradually developed a level close to the world's leading technology and equipment. Dongguan City, the company was identified as the first reserve one of 15 listed, are accelerating the pace of the market, and strive to succeed in the market within two years after, a sales income of 3.0 billion, profits of 800 million yuan in new energy technology companies. A high-tech, large-scale, the strength of the company continue to show a unique charm and style, to win the trust of our customers with quality, credibility based on the market value in return to society with strength gallop to the future, hand in hand with the community, a total of brilliant!

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