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Proficient in LAMP LED, SMD LED white light such as the production process, independent of solution color, decay and other issues

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Shenzhen Jie Technology Co., Ltd. is a design, production, sales and service as one of professional manufacturer of LED display. The company has strong technical strength, its management, technical team and experienced. The company's products have been widely used in various industries, won the praise of customers and markets of all ages. With a solid technical foundation and rigorous management, through a number of domestic listed companies to verify the well-known, as they are good, solid partner. The company's main products are: conventional digital control, DVD digital display, micro panel, dot matrix module, various SMD / DIP packaged LED lamp, outdoor / household lighting and so on. The company attaches great importance to product development, engineering and technical personnel with senior client designed specifically for a variety of special LED devices, and with Taiwan, Hong Kong and abroad LED research institutions to establish a close working relationship to jointly develop new LED display, adapt the higher the customer's requirements. The company attaches great importance to product quality management, established a complete quality management system, continuous improvement, continuous optimization, has achieved ISO9000: 2008 version certification, quality system has been effective operation of third-party certification bodies and clients the full recognition, we laid the provide customers with quality service basis. People-oriented company, established the selection, training, incentives personnel management system, is committed to working efficiency at the same time protect the income of the staff continuously improve and achieve talent and co-rapid growth; a wide range of market channels, professional technical support, perfect Service and other advantages, ensuring customers can enjoy the newer, more complete product and quality sales, service and technical support.
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