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LED lighting, home lighting era of concern about the cost of

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LED lighting is coming,we have to concern about the cost and in less than 5 times. 10 times the cost per watt is still commonly used in fluorescent lamps and other light sources and efficient, but because of one-way LED light source characteristics, and detailed product design and high efficiency driver circuit, the illumination of less than 5 times the cost. The illumination corresponds to the number of lumens in a particular area, is the user really care indicators. Costs and cost per watt illumination significance of the differences, LED lights will be more fluorescent lamps, which are about 50% of the energy-saving effect.

LED lighting, home lighting to reduce the cost of the era

Cool white LED lights in the current non-residents already have lighting in the area economy. Estimates take into account the effect that saving LED lights use about 10,000 hours to recover the cost, and product life is already significantly exceed this level. In order to consider the impact of time value, we use a discount rate of 20%, still found in current prices, 10 hours / day, 250 days / year has been the use of occasions, has a positive economic value, which will include most of the non-resident lighting applications.

There is still a huge decline in the cost of space, including light, increase efficiency, economies of scale and industry return to reasonable profits. Chip prices have started, the end of 2011 the cost of LED light illumination will fall 30-40% lower than the current, we believe that this price will start after the warm white light, or 4-6 hours / day applications, including most of the non-resident lighting applications , and home lighting in 2012 will start.

November LED lighting demonstration application engineering will change the characteristics of the user's understanding of LED products, pre-competition and non-regulated market is difficult to identify the user experience of 20,000 hours of long LED life. Demonstration and application projects are short-listed enterprises in Zhejiang sunshine and NVC.

Mass of the LED market, LED lighting involving chip packaging, thermal materials, antireflective optical materials, such as different areas of the drive. About 20% of global electricity consumption is lighting, LED lighting will save more than half of the electricity consumption, which is a potential market for LED capacity.

Back-end packaging and application of the 2011 area of ​​more concern, because the chip supply chain, including chip prices, and is expected to trigger lighting applications; LED lamp lighting the entire chip is currently only about 15% of the price, great value-added products After the paragraph in the manufacturing and channel links; and TV backlighting market before the Chinese enterprises is difficult to cut into the different global lighting manufacturing capacity has been concentrated in China, Chinese enterprises will become the dominant force. Focus on country star power, Zhejiang Sunshine, attention Fu Jing technology.

Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics chips focus on the Great Wall development. While LED lighting chip prices in the short term decline, but the lighting needs will ultimately improve the supply and demand pattern. Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics graphics chips less affected by the decline in value, the blue and green chips are first class; the Great Wall of management development for large-scale manufacturing capabilities, in light of the wafer and the support of billion is expected to become the leading vertically integrated manufacturer .

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