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Yi Bisen LED display blooming swimming pool in the Netherlands

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October 2010, Shenzhen Ai Bisen Industrial Co., Ltd. in the Netherlands led the pool OSS's Golfbad display project was formally completed and put into use.
Display mounted on the wall at one end of the swimming pool complex in the middle. The screen is lit at the moment, this warm and comfortable but a bit dull swimming pool complex, a cheerful glow brightly moment of glory. Swimming pool staff, and guests have been the scene of a great shock. Many related fields have been considering this new model, the media contact is also an interview with reporters, hoping this information in the magazine will share with more people. Dutch Swimming Association, a Vice-Chairman, the effect is very satisfied with the display, and expressed the hope that more of the LED display can be applied to other swimming venues.

LED display

Dutch OSS's Golfbad swimming pool in determining the selection of Yi Bisen LED display before, also contacted, including Denmark, Germany and some suppliers in China, by contrast, that in addition to good effect Aibi Sen display outside of their work The corresponding rate of most staff time, communication is most smooth. At the same time, they also visited some local Dutch company to do the LED display Aibi Sen projects Aibi Sen visited some customers, feedback effects are quite good. March 2010, initial cooperation between the two sides.

Dutch OSS's Golfbad natatorium LED display projects, is already the customer and the company's three co-Yi Bisen. They Aibi Sen's products and services are satisfied, at present, the two sides entered into a new project negotiation.

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