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OSRAM laboratory: warm white LED light effect update records

увеличивать стиль написания  уменьшать стиль написания дата публикации:2011-03-16   ресурсы:liang360   частость просмотра:667
March 15, 2011 - China News - OSRAM Opto Semiconductors successfully warm white LED light-emitting efficiency to 142 lm / W, set a new laboratory records. Relevant in the 2755 K color temperature (CCT) under, LED color-rendering index (CRI) of up to 81. These values ​​are measured in standard conditions: room temperature, pulse mode operating current density of 350 mA / mm ².

Warm white light and efficient lighting for residential applications is especially important. Warm White LED's laboratory program to show these energy-saving potential of semiconductor light sources: the standard conditions successfully measured the peak of 142 lm / W, color vision is also very close to traditional incandescent lamps (color coordinates on the Planck track cx 0.46 / cy 0.41).

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Germany headquarters Norwin von Malm pre-development manager, says: "If further development in this direction with the deviation from the Planck and allow track, we can achieve higher values ​​of photosynthetic efficiency, ie, when the correlated color temperature is 3000 K to 160 lm / W (cx 0.45 / cy 0.44). If applied this technology to 2 mm ² chip, operating current under the same conditions, the light efficiency can be further increased by 10% to 15%, that is, pure warm white LED Efficiency is expected to reach 180 lm / W, while achieving a good color. "

The key light efficiency can be improved is to film and UX: 3 chip technology in the conversion of new technology and new technology combined. By including epitaxial growth, thin film chip architecture, the conversion process and packaging technology, the production process, including expertise in all aspects together, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors benefited from the R & D engineers.
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