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LED Bulb Market Analysis

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LED bulbs including LED lighting and LED bulb into two categories, color is whiteorwarm white, used to replace tradition

LED bulbs including LED lighting and LED bulb into two categories, color is white or warm white, used to replace traditional incandescent (not yet easy to replace the energy-saving lamps) 1, define the LED lighting is the light emitted is directional (directional) LED bulbs, the main types of MR16, GU10, PAR series.LED bulb is emitted as divergent light LED bulbs, the main type of E27 base. in accordance with the power to sub-, LED bulbs can be divided into: low-power (mainly 5mm LED production) and power (mainly for 1W, 3W, even 5WLED production), while, on the market, there are also ultra-high power (for example, 50W of LED lighting), but This is not market-tested, but also might not have great market in which low-power LED lighting, bulb for the first design and production of LED light bulbs, has been large-scale use, but the quality varies greatly. these bulbs are mainly In the foreign retail sales on the site, such as,,, and high-power LED spotlight, bulb for the last 2-3 years before large-scale use and promotion of , in general, than the low-power LED light bulb stability of many; With the prices of high-power LED, high power LED light bulb will become mainstream. 2, analysis of China's consumer paper lamps lighting network technology in general, the current LED bulbs on the market, whether manufacturers, buyers or end users, are not very professional, most just use their experience or appearance, to determine the subjective quality is good or bad in the case of identical appearance of the product, price plays a dominant role. As the LED market, buyers 2.1 channel effect is not obvious now present LED lamp buyers no obvious features that any purchase LED products (especially the application of products) are likely to be purchasing LED light bulbs, but do the lighting bright of the buyers, the main procurement LED display, wall lights, guardrail and the like, is unlikely to buy LED bulbs. buyers are distributors (such as, online store (such as theledlight. com), Architectural Lighting Contractors (, and do the transformation of energy systems (such clients while also selling solar energy products), whether the type of buyer, there may often be received at the local works (such as a store want to change LED lights, LED lights such as a window incumbent) 2.2 end-consumer end consumers at retail stores are represented by business users, and the family on behalf of individual users. to retail stores on behalf of business users tend to complete their purchase. the family on behalf of individual users tend to purchase, or other retail sites in to complete. 2.3 geographic market should be up to Europe, followed only in North America. The reason is that 1) a stronger European awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation is more willing to spend money on; 2) the North American market, high barriers to entry, mainly because doing UL certification process is too cumbersome, and expensive cost, while the CE certification is relatively irregular, the domestic money can get out of a 1000 certificate and CE certificate and check there is no uniform regulatory agencies (where do the certification, where the queries, but who can not tell what is legally authorized, qualified CE certification body), so stick a CE mark their own and no one can query them, so the domestic supplier of LED bulbs is the main markets are Europe, 3, competitors and Competitive Analysis 3.1 Technical Papers rival China Lighting Network * LED bulbs on the market lighting manufacturer and exporter mainly in Taiwan and mainland China, South Korea, there are several relatively well-known manufacturer of light bulbs (such as of Lumidas series light bulb). Overall, the Taiwanese companies design and production process advanced than the mainland to many, and Taiwan companies marketing tool manufacturers clever than some of the mainland, Taiwan manufacturers are cut into many new products that target a particular application market, while the mainland is by copying the main vendor to join the competition, so mainland China manufacturers are in a vicious cycle of competition. domestic companies to do very many LED bulbs, LED products is basically as long as there certainly are selling LED bulbs. The reason is that 1) LED bulb is too low barriers to entry, and on the market Many manufacturers offer a variety of components, so long as they have a few workers will be able to assemble a light bulb 2) lack of standards for a large number of manufacturers to enter and provide favorable conditions for survival and development, from my personal understanding of the range, the current Domestic sales of major manufacturers of LED bulbs: 1 Shenzhen Kingdoms ( Kingdoms LED bulbs more complete product line, covering low-power, high power and lighting, bulb, almost all product types and their main advantage is that a) they have their own packaging plant, can be relatively low cost control; b) they do due to the Philips PAR lamps and bulb of the contract, and the publicity given to their advantage, they are selling abroad , orders for foreign markets is also more complex, relatively small domestic market is mainly in doing the project, this time of financial crisis on their sales is relatively large, because the Philips fewer orders for about half 2 Shenzhen Bombel ( Bombel marketing feels, more systematic and formalized and their product development and design of all their early to lights and low-power LED lights to cut into the market, while their high-power LED light bulb in a foreign country is also more market and many of our clients are selling their LED light bulbs (such as 1 in their sales overseas development agency, but they do send people to visit agents in the field strength; 2 to sell the foreign trade situation while the channel mainly by the show to promote their own advantage is a product of 2 independent packaging factory design, will not fall into the homogenization of the competition Bombel a listing of 3 Shanghai Sunrise Electronics Co., Ltd. United States ( l the United States is small, but very simple strategy, mainly for the LED lighting market, features obviously, the effect is more obvious, and their entire product line is the basic class LED bulbs, fluorescent tubes products, which is the best selling LED high-power bulb, fluorescent tubes, whose market is dominated by the United States, France and Japan, while their UL certification is the most complete, covering the most popular products (and many are UL approved to pay money to their customers or bear part of the cost), China Network technical paper lighting fixtures, but their quality is relatively stable, relatively high prices of factory small, about 6 salesman, only to participate in the exhibition (the exhibition in Hong Kong and Guangzhou) can do 5 million a year sales of around USD 4 Zhejiang brilliance lighting ( this is done the traditional lighting, and then cut into the LED lighting industry, the company is large, it seems, Philips and GE's generation business. In fact, many domestic large-scale traditional lighting brands, such as NVC, three male Aurora LED bulbs are all cut, and even some non-lighting industry group also set up or in the sales of LED light bulbs, such as Kyushu ( of these companies or else to design and develop products, promote their brand; else is the production of generic products, using a common mold, but do the quality and stability, the low prices do now, these two have their living space, but In the long run, the market rules of the game (all standards) is determined, the small plants are out, and finally the formation of brand competition. 3.2 Competitive Analysis: energy saving lamps (compact fluorescent light), incandescent lamps, LED bulbs energy-saving lamps, incandescent and LED bulbs between, LED bulbs are used in publicity replace incandescent and halogen lamps (halogen lamps), LED bulbs rarely seen propaganda is used to replace energy-saving lamps. because 1) now There have been many countries and regions have enacted laws prohibiting the use of incandescent lamps; 2) LED luminous efficiency and stability, and similar energy-saving lamps from comparisons between LED bulbs, LED bulbs there are two main sales situation 1) the public The LED high-power mode or low-power light bulbs; 2) their mold or the LED light bulb imitation of large companies (such as Philips, Osram, especially Philips). The former represents the low-end products, competitive prices as the main determinants of health; after who represent their own research and development of products, competition is not fierce. 4, product performance and problems of the main selling point of LED bulbs is super energy efficiency, energy saving, long life, low maintenance, no mercury, no heat. Problems in existing LED light bulbs are dead serious light or bad light; actual luminous efficiency is not high enough to replace traditional incandescent lamps, etc.; off the cover (outside of the second lens lamp); off base (such as E27 base part out); price is too high, not affordable. The main difficulty lies in sales, customers do not know how to overcome the status of CE marking, no difference in appearance of the product under the competitive strategy (price, brand, etc.) 5, sales channel analysis of the current LED industry the existence of a phenomenon do not know of LED lighting, lighting do not understand LED. so the product is on, LED lighting products varied, but do not pass photovoltaic thermal test or do not provide, and some do not even know needs to be done this test from the sales channels is concerned, we are in the form of foreign trade in the sale of LED products. most of them are doing a website, hire a few industry
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