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The main business scope across outdoor, indoor, construction and automotive products such as a new generation of LED lamps

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Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. Ding point is a commitment to the latest lighting technology of LED lighting products manufacturer and exporter of solution providers, the main scope of business throughout the outdoor, indoor, construction and automotive new generation of LED lighting products. With independent R & D team, design team and manufacturing team, the spirit of professional development, innovative design and 100% product quality to provide customers with quality service. The establishment of four years, Ding point always to "do the best domestic LED lighting solution provider and a leader in products," remind ourselves that today's more mature point tripod, self-confident, more robust, and more confidence. Company's focus on growth and development of team members, believe that productive people are the company's first hope of our team members to develop and grow with the company. How much of your dreams, the stage is as big tripod point! Ding-point team, you are... [точная информация]