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Huizhou City Huasheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

T5-18W/14W/10W initial installation type, replacing energy-saving lamps stent; Grille, three anti-light, U-shaped lamp

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Huizhou City Huasheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Huizhou sad Kai national high-tech industry technology park, is a company specializing in energy-saving lighting product development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, is generation of energy-saving lighting products into the market to guide and pioneer. "Huasheng" T5 fluorescent lamps long life project located in China Lighting brand base - Huizhou City, was listed as National High-Tech Development Zone Zhongkai focus on supporting innovation center object, and with several world five hundred companies (including three "invisible champions"), the domestic elite, well-known institutions to promote energy-efficient lighting project. Lighting as the three main energy consuming one-fifth of the world's energy, energy saving problem is imminent, the market calls for low-carbon energy products. Huasheng energy technology company has been committed to make China the most cost-effective energy-saving T5 fluorescent lamps, and actively promote low-carbon energy products are promoted and used. "Huasheng" T5 fluorescent lamp is the introduction of "consistent with national policy, energy saving," came into being a good product. We make full use of the advantage, target T5-28W national standards, and improved by optimizing the lamp ballast circuit of industrial design, innovation, first launched the "Huasheng" T5-18 W products to fill market gaps, through the widely used to achieve the "three alternative (instead of the traditional T8-40W, respectively, the national standard T5-28W). The company has a number of leading technology and advanced testing equipment and perfect quality management system and passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and national compulsory 3C certification, CE certification, CB certification, the Hong Kong Safety Mark HKSI certification by a national technical supervision departments test confirmed the energy savings are as high as 55% or more, has reached world advanced level in countries around the world to promote "energy saving, environmental protection" at the same time, company with the times, seize the opportunity to constantly strive for excellence, innovation, the company "pragmatic, integrity, innovation, sharing" for business purposes, to spare no effort to promote energy-saving lighting products, "energy wealth, dedication and" "as share the responsibility for the national "energy saving, low-carbon green" business, and make due contributions!
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Сфера деятельности: T5-18W/14W/10W initial installation type, replacing energy-saving lamps stent; Grille, three anti-light, U-shaped lamp
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