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Huizhou City Huasheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

T5-18W/14W/10W initial installation type, replacing energy-saving lamps stent; Grille, three anti-light, U-shaped lamp

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Huizhou City Huasheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Huizhou sad Kai national high-tech industry technology park, is a company specializing in energy-saving lighting product development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, is generation of energy-saving lighting products into the market to guide and pioneer. "Huasheng" T5 fluorescent lamps long life project located in China Lighting brand base - Huizhou City, was listed as National High-Tech Development Zone Zhongkai focus on supporting innovation center object, and with several world five hundred companies (including three "invisible champions"), the domestic elite, well-known institutions to promote energy-efficient lighting project. Lighting as the three main energy consuming one-fifth of the world's energy, energy saving problem is imminent, the market calls for low-carbon energy products. Huasheng energy technology company has been committed to make China the most cost-effective energy-saving T5 ... [точная информация]