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Huizhou City Huasheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

T5-18W/14W/10W initial installation type, replacing energy-saving lamps stent; Grille, three anti-light, U-shaped lamp

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T5 energy-saving lamps
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First-fit Performance: 1, Safety: over-current voltage protection, open circuit short circuit protection, protection of the end tube, tube leak protection 2, energy: using the most advanced rare earth tricolor light, so luminous efficiency increased by 20% more than the average 50% saving T8 fluorescent lamp 3, and longevity: lamp black hot start delay time tested service life up to 12,000 hours or more. Patented an environmentally friendly low carbon, high luminous efficiency, good color, no noise. 2, the power factor close to 1, no flash, anti-jamming. 3, low power consumption, called the new energy-saving lamps classic. Detailed Features: ◇ T5 tricolor integration of new energy-saving lamps from the lamp and ballast assembly is made of one type lamps (some models also include shade), Series T8 fluorescent lamps designed to replace the (inductive), saving rate of 50% -60%, the transformation of simple energy-saving, convenient installation and maintenance, illumination (brightness) values ​​increase. ◇ saving rate as high as 50 to 60 percent, saving while increasing brightness, together with the three primary colors fluorescent effect more visible. ◇ voltage adaptability, 180V ~ 250V are safe to run, start fast, no noise. ◇ High-frequency flux wave is less than 5%, stable flicker-free, high color performance, color fidelity, color rendering index of Re ≥ 80. ◇ light is small, the service life 12000-30000 hours. ◇ without starter and the compensation capacitor, transforming a simple, convenient installation and maintenance ◇ low temperature, safe and reliable, to adapt to the environment temperature -10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃. ◇ low total harmonic coefficient, light, energy saving, clean power, green. Scope: Main application: office buildings, schools, hospitals, libraries, building property, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, stores, factories, production lines, laboratories. Installation method: it is light by two tabs will be fixed, can be fixed to the wall, ceiling, and it can come to light in series, up to reach 8. Value after-sale protection: one-year warranty as opposed to the traditional energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps we Huasheng the electronic ballast warranty up to 30,000 hours, 12,000 hours lamp warranty, the warranty period of up to two years.
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